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March 25, 2010

Sathupalli railway line by 2013

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South Central railway railway general manager MSJaswanth in a press conference has informed that the sathupalli railway line will be finished by februar 2013.

The coal present in singareni coleries is now acting as a catalyst for the speedy finishing of the railway line. If coal reaches its destination fastly this will improve productivity and also will decrease the pollution caused by the lorries transporting the coal.

The 55.6 Km line from Kothagudem to sathupally is estimated to cost around 339 crores . 10 crores have been allocated a compensation for the forest land which comes in the line route.

April 21, 2009

Gudem hit’s 50

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Kothagudem town hit’s 50 degree Celsius  while khammam town recorded 48 degrees this summer .

The open cast mines in singareni coleries is the reason for such a regional difference in temparatures . :(

The mine workers are given butter milk to bear the burnt of heat . There is air conditioning and different ventilating facilities inside the mines

good voter turnout in khammam district

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Maybe lot of people wanted change with the district average voter turnout remaining on 80 % this shows a positive sign from people participating in elections.

No incidents have been reported from khammam other than few complaints that voting machines didn’t work well in morning .

Madhira recorded 86% turnout in this elections :)

April 16, 2009

Khammam goes to polls admist high security

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Today people in Khammam district will elect their representatives for both assembly and parliament .

The election comission has left no stone unturned to ensure a peaceful elections in the district . There are heavy security arrangements keeping in view the Naxals presence in Khammam forests . There were reports that naxals were not interfering but they don’t want to take a chance.

Helicopter kept in stand by at Kothagudem

Helicopter kept in stand by at Kothagudem

A Helicopter was kept in stand by at Kothagudem ,also choppers from neighbouring Chattisgarh are kept in ready to face any situation. All the inter state border routes via the forests  have been sealed off .


March 30, 2009

Bhadrachalam goes red !

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Sunnam Rajaiah  the CPIM candidate who is supported by grand alliance ( మహా కూటమి ) of TDP,CPI,CPIM & TRS has filed his nomination from the temple town of Bhadrachalam in Khammam district .

Before the nomination , He spoke at Ambedkar centre from which a massive rally comprising of Red soliders ( people dressed in red shirts and red sarees ) was organised .

The leaders of CPIM rode on a Red Bullock cart specially designed for the rally  . It had some who and who of CPIM like Thammineni Veerabhadram,P.Somaiah and Bhandaru Ravi Kumar .

There were lot of flags of TDP,TRS,CPI and CPIM but the main attraction were the party cadre dressed in red shirts and red dresses which kind of reflected the redness in the air and it sent shudders into the ruling party ! :o

Since the rally brought out equally all the crowds of the various parties inside the Grand Alliance it has been a kind of proving point for Maha Kutami :)

March 29, 2009

Khammam PRP lacks dedication,attacks party office !

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PRP Office at Khammam being attacked

PRP Office at Khammam being attacked

My previous posting on PRP tells about creating positions to encourage party workers but as elections draw near , it looks like the party workers are becoming more opportunistic and are fighting with each other . :(

What’s strange is the team which was not given Khammam assembly ticket went and destroyed PRP office on saturday  night at 9PM . They reached the office and destroyed the flag and flag post of PRP . They broke the furniture to pieces and threw them outside.

These people also set fire to some PRP banners and flexi boards at Gandhi Chowk

Why and who are these people ?

Here is the story : Menthula Srisailam spent 40 Lakhs for the party , while Haribabu donated 3 crores to the party , hence Allu Aravind gave Haribabu the party ticket ;)

But Menthula’s gang are obviously not happy with the decission and did the damage . They shouted dialogues like where is the “samajika nyayam” you talk about ?

And the irony of the situation is there were photo frames of Mahatma gandhi,Mother terissa & Ambedkar in the office. They were not destroyed . They were kept on some high place and left by shouting “please don’t use the names of these great leaders :(

If they are dedicated to a party they should not destroy the party office itself :o This shows the immaturity among PRP workers who are blindly joining party taking the name of Chiranjeevi . :(

Since they had some bad experience , hope these people won’t join another party ;) Let them learn the fact that politics are opportunistic !

source : sakshi khammam

Renuka Chowdary a powerfull politician from Khammam

Renuka Chowdary and her close aides

Renuka Chowdary and her close aides

Renuka Chowdary has proved again to be powerful in Khammam district politics.

She has good control over state and national politics in congress party .

She does have some opposition from khammam district congress leaders like Sambhani Chandra Shekar,Jalagam Venkat rao & Chanda lingaaih. These people protested in Khammam town against her candidature.

But she can draw strings right from sonia to YSR . she was able to see that Chanda Lingaih didn’t get the penuballi ticket,similary Jalagam venkat rao who aspired for Khammam was not given a party ticket. ;)

She was able to give these tickets to her close aides who were not that prominent in the party .. in other words kind of renuka puppets :P

Talking against “Maha Kutami” in a TV5 interview Renuka Chowdary says “this is congress district full of party workers.. We are going to win ! “

Check out the source video from youtube which has more details .

Junior NTR draws Huge crowds in Khammam

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Junior NTR Campaign  for Maha Kutami entered Khammam district at Ashwaraopeta .

His route is as follows .

Sathupally ->PenuBalli->Kalluru->wyra->Konijarla->Khammam

The major meets are at Sathupally and Khammam .

In Ashwaraopeta road show he supports the credit transfer and colour tv promises made by TDP as genuine .. and kind of questions the  congress party “shouldn’t a poor person watch colour TV ?”

YSR was indirectly blamed as the guy sitting on the top of the state who ridcules whatever poor people ask :o

Special Economic Zones and Fertilizer issues were tackled by Junior NTR .

Let’s kick the ass of congress party which is sucking poor peoples blood

He is happy with the response from the Khammam district people and will come back to the people to give back to the people , by saying Jai NTR, Jai Telugu Desam & Jai NTR He closes the speech at Ashwaraopeta

He has also drawn Huge crowds at sathupally and Khammam .

March 24, 2009

Khammam MP Renuka Chowdary controversial Videos

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Renuka chowdary – The Khammam member of parliament for the Loksabha who is also the Minister of Women and Child Development well known as firebrand due to her aggressiveness is now faced with three videos of TV9 which may/ may not boost her image , but it just shows that she is a agressive polititian :D who did justice to whatever party she was from :)

These 3 videos are from the TV9 which is well know for making news senstational ;) and are uploaded by tollyvideos user

Renuka Chowdary Video 1

Renuka Chowdary Video 2

Renuka Chowdary Video 3

Singareni will be upgrading it’s power plant

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Singareni Coleries in Khammam will be upgrading it’s power plant to 50 MW,and is inviting tenders .

The project is expected to cost around 100 crores .  There are also other plans to extract gas from the coal .

Singareni region in khammam is rich in mineral wealth . There is a junction in karepally where the coal reserves are either sent to main line or to Kothagudem power plant.

Source: Business Standard

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